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Next Orientation/Q&A Date:


✅ Are you committed to your personal growth for a minimum of 6 weeks?

✅ Are you looking for accountability and guaranteed success in at least one area of your life or business?

✅ Do you have a goal that you want to see come to fruition in the next 6 months?

✅ Do you feel God tugging at you to move forward in a new way?

I am now accepting applications for a 6 week intensive coaching program that will start on January 22, 2023.

Limit of 10 participants per 6 week Session

1- 1:1 Private session bi-weekly (90 Min)

1-Group Session weekly (Sundays)(45 Min)

If this sounds like something you want to be part of or if you want to get more information

please complete the application.

I want in!

I'm not sure yet.

Who is this for?


You are a boss babe who wants more, needs more and is willing to do the work. You have a specific goal that you want to achieve.


You believe in God and desire to walk in obedience to His Word.


Overall, life is pretty good but, you are ready for radical change.


You know God created you to do something bigger than what you are experiencing now.

Details of 6 Weeks

Next Orientation/Q&A Date:

Sunday-January 8, 2023 @6:30-7:30pm EST

Winter Session

January 22, 2023- February 26, 2023

  • 1-1:1 Session weekly (60 min)

  • 1 Group session weekly (60-75 min)

  • Individual and Group assignments

  • Daily Connections for Q&A via Marco Polo App

  • T-Shirt

  • FULL access to the Digital Course

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Payment plans are available


How much is it?

The program is $397 but can be paid in payments! Once you have been selected to participate (based upon your application) you will recieve the link to register. You can choose to pay in one payment of $397, 3 monthly payments of $137 or 8 weekly payments of $52.

Why do I have to apply?

This program is super intense. The questions will help you to decide if this is for you and if you are truly ready to make the changes you want to see! Having a simple, prayerful application process ensures we have a solid foundation to work with!

What is the Orientation- Q&A for?

Primarily, this is an opportunity to hear the details of the program and get specific questions answered before the program starts


If you apply and are not given a seat, an explanation will be sent out via email as to why and you will be provided with a strategy to ensure you will be ready to attend the program in the future.

Why only 10?

I am only allowing 10 per class because I want to make sure that I have enough hours to give 100% to each individual.

A waiting list will allow those not in a particular session to have a seat in the next.

Can weekly 1:1 sessions vary in the schedule? My available hours may be different each week.

Absolutely. The only static appointment will be the Group Session which meets Sundays at 6:30PM EST.

I will work with each person to ensure a 1:1 time slot even if that means making my schedule more flexible to fit yours.

I am 100% committed to your success.

What if we have to miss a week?

Once you commit to the program, it is expected you will attend all sessions.

However, things can happen! Should something unexpected occur, we will work through it and I will give you an extra 1:1 session to review and catch up or you can opt to attend the next program session.

No worries.

What if I am eligible to register and there are no more seats in the session?

No worries. You will be automatically put on the waiting list for the next session. If you purchased a seat and have questions prior to the start, just email me! support@ipdcoaching.com

Can you explain the guarantee?

This program is 100% guaranteed to provide you with a shift in at least one area of your life. For courses, (including the Embrace your Position of Power 6 week program) training & workshops the following applies: 1- must complete entire course and participate in discussions-, 2-show documentation of assignment completion by submission of all assignments (if applicable), and 3-submit your request (with reason for dissatisfaction) to support@ipdcoaching.com

What Current Clients Have To Say

Hi, I'm Coach Carole, MEd, CCLPC


I have been coaching, speaking and training how to live a life by God's Design for the past 3 years and every single person has been able to experience at least one shift in one area of their life.

I am committed to serving God to serve others. make an impact and change lives! I am looking for women who are committed to doing the same!

I can't wait to work with you! ♥ Carole


Is God calling you to play bigger and make an impact for HIM ?

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